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Use Wordle to expose key words in Scripture

Some Bible study methods, including the inductive method, emphasize key words and repeated phrases to help you identify themes in Scripture. (Hunting for key words may be my favorite part of the observation process. It’s like being a detective or […]

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Use iTunes to Manage Books

When I originally wrote about using iTunes for Bible study back in January, the world had not yet been impacted by the new Apple iPad or the subsequent ebook revolution.  However, with the release of the iPad came the exciting […]

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An important component of effective Bible study is to cross-reference other Scriptures that shed light on the passage you are studying.  Scripture is the best interpreter of Scripture.  But how do you know which verses to cross-reference for the passage […]

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Tense, Voice, and Mood

Knowing the tense, voice, and mood of Greek verbs in the Bible can aid your understanding of the text. Tense?  Voice?  Mood?  These are grammatical notations.  Does this sound too technical or foreign?  Don’t let it frighten you.  I’m going […]

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