e-Sword v9.7.1

e-Sworde-Sword Update 9.7.1 has been released.  If you are not familiar with it, e-Sword is the cream of the crop for free Bible study software.  The latest update introduces four new features.

Editors Window

The Study Notes and Topic Notes modules have moved from their previous home in the Commentary window to take up residence in the brand new Editors window (see screenshot below).  This is a welcome change.  Now you can view commentaries while taking notes without having to switch back-and-forth between the commentary you are reading and the notes modules where you are typing.

Journal Notes

Also added to the new Editors window is a new Journal Notes module.  This is quite nice if you are used to journaling or if you want to begin the practice.  Each journal entry is tied to the current date (although you can specify a different date), and there is a full array of rich-text formatting options.  The image below shows the new Editors window open to the Journal Notes module:

e-Sword Editors Window

Inline Notes & Cross-References

Inline notes and cross-references are now supported in Bible modules.  It may take some time for existing Bible modules to take advantage of this feature.  However, the New American Standard Bible (NASB) Study Set, which is a premium module (and my favorite translation), has already been updated with inline notes and cross-references as shown in the image below.  (The update is free if you already own the NASB Study Set for e-Sword.  Simply download and install the updated module.)

Inline Notes and Cross-References

In the image above, notice that inline notes and cross-references are designated by blue letters and numbers:  “N” for notes and “R” for references.  These notations appear before the word or phrase that they support, which is different from other notations in e-Sword, such as Strong’s reference numbers and TVM notations, which appear after the word or phrase.  You hover your mouse over these notations in e-Sword to reveal the tool tips.

This is a good feature.  However, it does suffer a couple of limitations.  The text of each note or reference cannot be selected.  Therefore, you cannot copy it into your study notes.  Also, you cannot click on the cross-references to be taken directly to those Scripture passages.  Perhaps these features will be included in the next update…

Search with Regular Expressions (REGEX)

Finally, the search feature has been expanded to accept Regular Expressions (REGEX), which can significantly increase the searching capabilities to pinpoint very specific results.  Beware:  It can also significantly increase the complication involved in creating search expressions.

Regular Expressions are not required to perform searches in e-Sword, so you can continue searching as you have always done.  However, if you wish to learn more about using REGEX to enhance your search results, you might want to check out Regular-Expressions.info, which offers a quick start guide, tutorial, tools, references, and more.


Version 9.7.1 of the popular e-Sword Bible study program offers some nice features, considering it is a minor software update.  You can submit feature suggestions of your own (like my gleeful request for an iPad app), and, if you enjoy using e-Sword, consider showing your appreciation by making a donation to the developer.

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3 Responses to “e-Sword v9.7.1”

  1. Terrific bible program. Only one i’ve found where it so easy to cut and paste scriptures into notes.

  2. Please tell me there is an e-sword for ipod touch!! I’ve supported e-sword and used it on windows mobile. I updated my pda to the ipod and i like the platform but i miss my Bible (the others just don’t do).

  3. Hi, Bobby. e-Sword isn’t currently supported on Apple iOS devices. I hope that changes soon, too. In the meantime, I recommend OliveTree’s BibleReader app (http://olivetree.com/apple/BibleReader_5.php), Accordance (http://www.accordancebible.com/Accordance/iOS), and Logos (http://www.logos.com/mobile/iphone), which are all free.

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