Listen to the Best Dramatic Audio Bible for Free!

The Word of Promise Audio BibleExciting news today!  The best dramatic audio Bible ever recorded can now be heard online for free!

The Word of Promise Audio Bible combines over 600 actors, an excellent musical score, and professional sound effects to make the Biblical story come alive.  Speaking of actors, the cast includes many award-winning names that you will easily recognize.

The CD box set can be purchased for around $80 at Amazon and other retail outlets.  That might be a hefty price tag in our current cash-strapped economy, but it is more than worth the investment for the 98 hours of incredible audio and the invaluable spiritual nourishment that you will receive.  (I imported my box set (all 79 CDs!) into iTunes and carry it with me wherever I go on my iPad.)  However, if the cost is out of reach, you can now listen to the full production online for free thanks to a partnership with The Christian Post.

The free, online version of The Word of Promise Audio Bible also displays the full text of the Scripture, which allows you to read along as you listen.  You can even change the size of the on-screen text to suit your needs.

There is also a nifty search feature that lets you find passages of the Bible by Scripture reference (such as Gen 7:17) or by key word (such as mercy seat).

In addition, it also sports an “Embed Passage” button, which seems like a great feature.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be quite functional at this time.  Rather than providing embed code for the audio player, it simply provides a link to the Web page.  It would be great to see this feature further developed in the future.

If you are not familiar with The Word of Promise Audio Bible, I encourage you to check it out right away!

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8 Responses to “Listen to the Best Dramatic Audio Bible for Free!”

  1. At first I thought I stumbled on your site quite by accident, however I quicky realized that there are no accidents in God’s plan. Thank you for providing such an invaluable reference for the study of God’s word.

    In Christ
    Michael Beatty

  2. Thank you for the encouragement, Michael!

  3. where and how do I listen to The word of promise free and onoine,I have the new testament set already but would love to listen to the old testament

  4. Hi, Candy. The Word of Promise Audio Bible is available for free, online listening at

  5. This is so awesome! Thank you so much for allowing me to be able to hear this for free. I recently accepted Christ and have been trying to read the Bible and study it, but its hard for me to comprehend, thus, I do not read as often as I should. I wanted this for Christmas but have many health problems and could not afford it. I am now bed-ridden in a hospital bed at home. I have been praying to God that I’d like to have this and for the reasons stated above. He answered my prayers! I can now listen, follow along in my own Bible or online, hear the beautiful sound effects and truly enjoy hearing and learning about God and his words and commands. Praise Jesus! I love you God and Jesus and thank you for answering my prayers.

  6. Thank you for sharing that testimony of answered prayer, Lisa! I pray God blesses you with the incomparable comfort and joy of His word.

  7. We tried to listen to the Audio Bible online and it’s not working. Was this for a limited time only? Thank you!

  8. Hi Joy,

    It appears to be working. Adobe Flash Player must be installed for it to work. If you don’t have Flash Player, you can install it here:

    I hope that helps.

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