ScrollTag Bible Study Software

ScrollTagA new Bible study software worthy of your attention has just launched its maiden voyage:  ScrollTag.

ScrollTag brings some notable features to the table that are hard to come by in other products, primarily:

  • Mark key words (choose from built-in options or create your own tags)  screenshot
  • Various notation features and display options  screenshot
  • Structuring (sentence diagramming)  screenshot
  • Hebrew and Greek support tools (including a nifty highlighting feature)  screenshot

Anyone familiar with the inductive Bible study method and a preference for electronic equivalents for their “pencil and paper” techniques will find ScrollTag immensely useful.

Watch a quick video overview of ScrollTag’s features here:

[Link to video overview]

While ScrollTag includes other standard Bible study features, those listed above make it stand out in the crowd.  According to the site’s FAQ:

ScrollTag has been designed to meet a need which we saw no other Bible programs meeting adequately (Tagging, Organizing, Block Diagramming and Marking the text). ScrollTag does not intend to directly compete with these other major software packages which focus on other strengths. We intend to keep our focus on what we do well, and not branch out to try to do everything.

Another nice feature of ScrollTag is that it operates in Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

The licensing agreement is also quite generous:

ScrollTag is licensed per household. This means that you can install multiple copies of ScrollTag on various computers for use by multiple family members within a single family unit as long as they are all living together in one dwelling. (See the End User License Agreement for details.)

Do you have multiple family members sharing the same computer?  No problem!  ScrollTag offers “support for multiple users with separate notes, tags, and settings.”

The main features of ScrollTag are built around a tagging system, which means you will need to expend some effort initially to learn the environment and its operation.  However, ScrollTag aims to help you shorten the learning curve by offering the following support features:

While the cost — $150 — may seem steep, students of the Bible will consider the cost an investment that reaps eternal dividends, especially considering that all family members living in the same household are covered by a single license (see above).  There is also a 30-day money back guarantee.  (At the time of this writing, ScrollTag is on sale for $125.)

ScrollTag may be the new kid on the block, but it will immediately capture your attention with a unique set of Bible study features (with more on the way).  Visit the website.  Join the Facebook pageGive ScrollTag a try.

[Disclosure:  Psalm4 is not affiliated with ScrollTag, nor have we received any form of payment for this review.]

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