Hear & Read the Bible for Free at www.Bible.is

Bible.isWithin days of learning that The Word of Promise Audio Bible can now be heard online for free, we find that the www.Bible.is website has also been redesigned to allow simultaneous listening and reading of Scripture for free.

Here is a list of noteworthy features at the newly updated Bible.is website (along with screenshots):

Numerous Translations

The new Bible.is site sports dozens of Bible translations in numerous languages.  Some of the versions are dramatized, which is an added bonus.  There are currently three English translations offered:

  • English Standard Version (ESV)
  • King James Version (KJV)
  • New Revised Standard (NRS)

Indications are that more versions and languages will be added as time goes on.

Numerous Translations

Various Ways to Locate Passages

The Search field allows you to locate Bible passages based on key words (such as mercy seat), which is extraordinarily useful.  To locate a specific book or chapter of the Bible, you can click the Passage Lookup button that appears to the left of the current location, or you can click the Next button to the right of the current location.

Various Ways to Locate Passages

Control Text Size

You can choose from six different font sizes for the on-screen text, which is quite useful if you have difficulty reading small text on a computer monitor.

Control Text Size

Useful Player Controls

The audio player includes a play / pause button, a seekbar for skipping ahead or rewinding, a timer, and a volume controller.

Useful Player Controls

Mobile Apps

In addition to the newly redesigned website, Bible.is also offers free iPad / iPhone and Android apps for hearing and reading Scripture on-the-go.

Mobile Apps

Check out the remodeled www.Bible.is website, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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5 Responses to “Hear & Read the Bible for Free at www.Bible.is”

  1. Mike george April 9, 2012

    I had bible.is on my iPad and updated it on sat. Only to find that it won’t work now. I listen everyday to the Bible and want to get it up and running again, but can’t figure out what is wrong. I have erased it and reloaded several times and it won’t work now. What am I doing wrong? My iPad is the original model one. Is there something missing that I need to download to get the new version to work? If so please walk me through it. Thank you and God bless you for this wonderful app.


  2. Mike george April 9, 2012

    Hope to hear from you soon

  3. Hi Mike,

    I also have a first generation iPad. My Bible.is app is up-to-date and works properly, so I don’t think it is an issue with the older iPads.

    If deleting and reinstalling hasn’t corrected the issue, you might try rebooting your iPad. Press and hold the power button until you see a slider to power off the iPad. Then press and hold the power button again to turn it back on.

    If you haven’t updated your iPad’s operating system (iOS) lately, that could do the trick, too. Connect it to your computer, and allow iTunes to install the latest software update on your iPad.

    Other than making sure the volume is turned up, I cannot think of another setting that would prevent your Bible.is app from working. If you continue to experience problems with your Bible.is app, I recommend going to the http://Bible.is website on your computer and clicking the Feedback tab on the left side of the page. This will allow you to contact the Bible.is support team for additional help.


  4. Richard Gould April 24, 2012

    I would like to down load a copy of the “Bible.is” on to my lap top computer. How do I do that?

    I already have it downloaded onto my Ipad and listen to the bible often with my Ipan but now I want to listen to the Bible on my laptop computer.

    Please give me the link to do this.
    Richard Gould

  5. Hi Richard,

    On your laptop, you can listen in your web browser at http://www.Bible.is.

    If you actually want to download the audio Bible to your laptop for offline listening, you can download it here.

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