e-Sword v9.8.1

e-Sword Bible Study SoftwareWe start the new year with a new update for e-Sword, the popular — and free — Bible study software.  Version 9.8.1 can be downloaded here.

The latest version introduces a new Module Downloader:

With it you can view all available resources and download any of them directly into e-Sword. You can see which ones you currently have installed and which ones you have yet to install. You can also see if any of the installed modules have been updated.

The module downloader concept is a feature included in many Bible software packages and comes as welcome news to e-Sword users.  Now you don’t have to download and install resources from e-Sword.net individually.  Simply go to the Download menu in your e-Sword program, and select one of the module types (Bibles, Commentaries, Dictionaries, Devotions, Graphics, or Topic Notes) to launch the Module Downloader.

Module Downloader

Click the image above to view a larger version.

Each type of module has its own tab at the top of the e-Sword Module Downloader as shown in the image below.  The middle section displays each available language as well as sub-sections of free and premium modules beneath each language.  The bottom section of the window is the Download List, which will display all the selected modules that you want to download and install.

To select a module, simply click the blue hyperlinked Title.  (Note:  If you select a free module, it will be added to the Download List.  If you select a premium module, your Web browser will open to the appropriate page where you can purchase the module.)  If you already have a particular module installed, the Title will appear as standard black text (not hyperlinked).

Selecting Modules

Click the image above to view a larger version.

When you are ready to install your selected modules, go to the Download menu, and select Start (as shown in the image below).  The Module Downloader will do all the work for you.

There are also options to Stop a download that is in progress and to Clear Download List.

Start Download

Click the image above to view a larger version.

When you initiate the download process, the icons in the Download List will change to indicate the status of each selected module, and you will be presented with real-time progress indicators, including how much time is remaining for each module to finish downloading / installing.

Download Progress

Click the image above to view a larger version.

The Module Downloader also makes it much easier to keep track of updates for modules that you have already installed.  In the image above, notice that the Date (far right-hand column) displays red text to indicate that some modules have previously been installed, but now there are updates available.  You would follow the same process to update existing modules as you would for new modules that you are installing for the first time.

The Module Downloader saves time and also reduces confusion and mistakes.  It’s an excellent addition to an excellent Bible study software program.  (The Module Downloader can only download and install modules hosted at e-Sword.net.  To locate additional free e-Sword modules that are not hosted at e-Sword.net, visit e-Sword Users.)

Version 9.8.1 of e-Sword also brings enhancements to the search routines to improve your searching experience.

Be sure to download the latest update here, and consider making a donation to support the e-Sword ministry, which provides free Bible study tools to millions of people around the world.

[Psalm4.org is not affiliated with e-Sword.net, but we highly recommend their Bible study software.]

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