John Piper Returns to Public Ministry

John PiperHere’s a treat for the new year.  After an eight-month sabbatical, John Piper, Pastor for Preaching and Vision at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota and founder of the Desiring God teaching ministry, returns to public ministry.

The extended absence was not without purpose.  Piper explains it as a:

“season of detachment from public exposure and public productivity with a view to serious biblical examination, assessment, nurture, and growth in four areas:  1)  our own individual persons, both physically and spiritually;  2)  our marriage;  3)  our relationship with our children and their families;  4)  our pattern of ministry on returning to Bethlehem.”

He returned to public ministry on the first day of 2011 with a blog post describing the fruits of his sabbatical, and he concludes with this uplifting statement:

“I believe that Bethlehem’s greatest days are ahead.  God is as sovereign and gracious as ever.  And I find myself chastened, humbled, and perhaps more useable now.  It is good to be back.”

I am sincerely glad for the many benefits Piper, his wifte, and their family have received as a result of last year’s sabbatical, and I am also glad for the many benefits his re-invigorated ministry will have for the church, the body of Christ.

You can take advantage of Piper’s collection of 30 years of ministry resources for free at the Desiring God Resource Library, where you can watch video lessons, listen to audio teaching, read sermon transcripts and online books, and even download resources (video, audio, and PDF files).

You can also subscribe to Piper’s video podcasts at and audio podcasts at  They will make great additions to your iTunes library.  (Additional Desiring God RSS feeds and podcast subscriptions can be found here.)

Bible students who are savvy in social media may want to follow Piper’s ministry at Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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