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Epicenter 2011

What is the “Day of the Lord”?

The Joshua Fund hosted an Epicenter Conference in Jerusalem last month (May 15-16, 2011) to answer that question, which included verse by verse teaching through the book of Joel by the following Bible teachers:

There was also a special message by Kay Arthur on 2 Chronicles 10:1-19 and several panel discussions.

Joel Rosenberg describes the 2011 Epicenter Conference on his blog:

Are we living in the last days of human history as we have known it? Are the tumultuous events and trends underway in the Middle East and around the world signs that the Messiah is coming to Earth soon to judge and to rule and reign from Jerusalem? What is the “Day of the Lord”? What are the “last days”? What does Bible prophecy teach about such things? And how should we live in light of such prophecies?

Answering these questions was the focus of the 2011 Epicenter Conference, which took place in Jerusalem on May 15-16. On Day One, a group of internationally renowned Bible teachers and I taught through the Old Testament “Book of Joel” verse by verse, chapter by chapter. We then had a panel discussion on lessons for Israel and the Church drawn from the Book of Joel. On Day Two, we had a series of panels where highly-regarded Israeli, Palestinian, American, Iranian and Indian pastors and Bible teachers explored the implications of these Bible prophecies for Israel and the Church in more depth in light of current events.

More here.

The teaching videos and panel discussions can be viewed for free online, on your iPhone or iPad, or on your Android device.  You can also purchase DVDs here.  The messages are timely and excellent!

h/t Joel Rosenberg

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