Interview: Mark Hitchcock on Update of Walvoord’s Revelation Commentary

Walvoord Revelation Commentary shared an interesting interview with Mark Hitchcock, who, along with Philip Rawley, recently updated John Walvoord’s influential 1966 commentary on the book of Revelation.  Here’s a snip:

How has Dr. Walvoord’s commentary affected your own life and ministry?
For me, Walvoord’s commentary is still the standard Dispensational commentary on Revelation even though it was first published in 1966. As a pastor, I have preached through Revelation several times and Walvoord’s commentary has been my commentary of choice. I simply devoured it.

Read the full interview here.

Walvoord’s commentary observes Revelation from a literal, futuristic viewpoint and is highly recommended. Walvoord’s original work can be read online for free or purchased in a printed format.

More information about Hitchcock’s updated version can be found here, and a helpful review of the new book can be found here.  It can be purchased here.


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