BibleReader for Nook Color

BibleReader for Nook ColorHere’s great news for anyone with a Nook Color (mobile e-reader from Barnes & Noble).  You can now install OliveTree’s BibleReader study app on your device — for free!

Now that the Nook Color runs Android and supports apps, it has basically become a tablet.  Although it may not fully compare to Apple’s iPad, which is currently the undisputed king of the tablet market, you can’t beat the Nook Color’s price point at $249.  (iPads start at $499.)

BibleReader is arguably the best mobile Bible study software currently available, and new features are on the way.  The BibleReader app for Nook Color is essentially the same as the BibleReader app for Android devices with a couple of modifications to accommodate the new platform.

The app itself is free, along with some common, public domain Bible study resources (King James Version, Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary, etc).  Additional translations and study materials can be purchased from within the app or at  (An Internet connection is not required to use BibleReader.)

So, if you’ve got a Nook Color, give BibleReader a try and let us know what you think.

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2 Responses to “BibleReader for Nook Color”

  1. Adele M. Leddy November 28, 2011

    i am Catholic, have a NookColor. i want to use a Catholic Bible on my ‘nookcolor’ it must have the Catholic Church’s imprimatur and contain the Deutoronical Books: Maccabbees I & II, Judith, Tobits, Song of Solomon, and a Wisdom book can’t remember which one is left out of most other Buibles. I would prefer a bilingual English/Spanish New Jerusalem, or Sagrada Biblia – Dios Habla Hoy. i’ve used your software i think as far back as before smart phones on an LG just to have something at hand that i could turn on for a second at work as reminder….but for more serious study, ministry and discipleship. i must have one of the above, if necessary the New Jerusalem in English and the in Spanish – my Spanish is not as strong as it should be having a quick reference in English can get me through an awkward spot. Please – this has turned out to be such a nightmare with the NookColor. just finished a Bible study carrying my New Jerusalem, and the Nook. bought Biblia Jerusalen from Amazon to my laptop. i copy the verses with studied and meditated on during the week with my journal notes done on a Word doc and downloaded the doc to the NkColor to have my notes, meditations, thoughts with me with the assistance of my big fat New Jerusalem in English to help me through the akward sections, (for me) in Spanish. If yours is not the best software for me because i read that other translations can be purchased through the reading program – i have no way of knowing if any of the available translations are Catholic translations which contain the 6 usually missing books.

    Please if you are not the product i need, you are in the industry, direct me. the quick find by scrolling down a list of book titles and selecting the chptr# or better yet entering the reference in a search box: i.e. Ps. 23:3-6; highlighting, notes on the verse or passage. and being able to keep notes on your meditation, journaling etc on the same page is amazing for future referece all in one page. one spot and all of this anywhere one feels comfortable or whatever situations one is in to maintain the all needed meditation and time spent with in His presence, grounded in His Word.

    Thank you. i really need an answere.

  2. Hi Adele,

    The OliveTree BibleReader app is probably the best mobile Bible study app currently available, and it is available for the Nook Color tablet. It looks like Dios Habla Hoy with deuterocanonical books is available for BibleReader:

    You can find other Spanish Bibles for BibleReader here:

    Unfortunately, I don’t read Spanish, so you may want to review the list of Spanish Bibles that OliveTree offers (at the above link) to see if they meet your criteria.

    I hope this helps!

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