Petra Documentary

Petra: "al-Deir" courtesy of See The Holy Land (left); "al-Khazneh" courtesy of Wojtek Ogrodowczyk (right)

Want to learn more about Petra, the ancient city carved into the cliffs and mountains of modern-day Jordan? Take a look at the following documentary I found over at

(Note that the video is free to view, but your first click on the play button will open an advertisement from DocumentariesTV. When the advertisement opens, you can close it, and then click the play button again to view the actual documentary.)

Unfortunately, this video is no longer available. If I find another version, I will link to it here.

Petra’s spectacular rock-hewn structures have been popularized in movies, such as Transformers and Indiana Jones, and some people speculate that Petra is the place of safety, the “place prepared by God”, to which the people of Israel will flee when they are persecuted by the antichrist in the end times (Rev 12:6, 14). No one knows for sure. However, there is some indication that when Israel flees into the wilderness, she will find refuge in Edom (for example: Dan 11:41; Psa 60:9-12). And where is Edom?  Southern Jordan — where Petra is located.

Interesting, isn’t it?

[Image Credit: “al-Deir” courtesy of See The Holy Land (left); “al-Khazneh” courtesy of Wojtek Ogrodowczyk (right)]

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