Glo iOS Update: Atlas Lens

Glo Bible Atlas LensGlo Bible for iOS has been updated to include an Atlas lens, so you can “explore a zoomable map with locations linked to scripture, media and more”.

This is great news for Glo users, because the Atlas lens, which is already included in the desktop versions, is enormously helpful for locating and exploring locations in Scripture. And Glo’s stunning interface makes exploring the Bible lands interesting and enjoyable.

We introduced Glo to iPad users a few months ago, and you can learn about the different versions and features here. Glo is available in the App Store for the iPad and also for the iPhone.

To get a taste of how the Atlas lens works in Glo, watch the brief video below. This video demonstrates the PC version of Glo, which includes additional lenses and features. However, the functionality of the Atlas lens is essentially the same on your iPad / iPhone.


In addition to the Atlas lens, the latest update for Glo iOS includes a redesigned Media lens with side-scrolling for better navigation and a media-ranking engine to provide the most relevant media first when searching.

Are you a Glo user? What do you think of Glo on your iOS device?

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