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I recently completed an awesome 47-week study of Revelation via the 4-part course from Precept Ministries International (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4). Although it focuses on the book of Revelation, it branches out to numerous prophetic passages throughout Scripture to provide a well-rounded study of eschatology. Phenomenal!

I use the inductive Bible study method, which recommends waiting to read commentaries until after performing extensive observation of the actual Biblical text. It’s always best to study God’s word in depth for yourself before you turn to commentaries (i.e., the words of men). This is especially true when it comes to Revelation and eschatology in general. (My personal recommendation would be to study the book of Daniel first (Part 1, Part 2), since it provides the framework into which the rest of God’s prophetic revelation fits.)

Even so, God has given wisdom and insight to his children throughout the ages, and their comments on Scripture can be wonderfully enlightening. So, here are three highly recommended commentaries on Revelation and links to various formats for each (most of which are free). These commentaries approach eschatology from a conservative, evangelical, literal, futuristic view.

The Testimony of Jesus Christ

Author: Dr. Tony (Anthony) Garland
Date: 2003

Dr. Garland emphasizes “prophetic themes from the rest of the Bible which find their fulfillment in Revelation” in this extraordinary and expansive commentary.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Author: Dr. John F. Walvoord
Date: 1966

Dr. Walvoord set the standard for dispensational commentaries on Revelation with this work, published half a century ago. (You may also want to check out the updated version of Walvoord’s commentary, compiled by Mark Hitchcock and Philip Rawley, released April 2011.)


Author: Dr. Grant C. Richison
Date: 1999

Dr. Richison provides verse-by-verse exposition of Revelation, emphasizes the precepts revealed in the text, and offers practical applications of these precepts for believers.

  • Online (free)
  • PDF (free)
  • Logos ($79.95) – includes commentaries on several New Testament books

And remember that you can convert your PDF documents to ePub format for Apple iOS devices, so you can use the annotation features in the iBooks app to add notes and highlights.

h/t Precept Austin

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