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New Tablet on the Block

Amazon shook the mobile computing world last week with the announcement of their new line of handheld devices, including the brand new Kindle Fire, the company’s first tablet computer and, perhaps, the first real competitor to Apple’s market-dominating iPad.

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

A slew of tablets have come and gone. The iPad remains relatively unchallenged. So, what makes the Kindle Fire different from any of its failed predecessors? Well, primarily, it’s price point. The Kindle Fire sells for $199, which is a far cry from the starting price of $499 for an iPad. Although it won’t officially release until November 15, 2011, you can pre-order one now.

While the Kindle Fire will compete for a similar audience with the iPad, they aren’t quite on the same level. The iPad may cost more, but it is also more feature-rich and boasts a larger screen (9.5” compared to the Kindle Fire’s 7”). Nevertheless, for many folks who want to venture into the tablet world in this financially-challenged atmosphere, a $300+ savings holds a significant allure, and the Kindle Fire will meet the “needs” of most casual users.

Here’s an Amazon commercial touting the new Kindle Fire:


Bible Study Apps for Kindle Fire

Why are we discussing Amazon’s Kindle Fire? Because it is likely to have a wide distribution. So, we want to take a look at Bible study apps that you will be able to run on your new tablet.

The Kindle Fire runs on Google’s Android platform (although it has been completely customized for Kindle Fire). Thus, you will be able to install apps directly from the Amazon App Store.

It’s a foregone conclusion that the Android app market – and especially the Amazon App Store – will see a significant spike in options if the Kindle Fire is as successful as it is expected to be. In the meantime, here are some worthy Bible study apps for you to try, all of which are free.

OliveTree BibleReaderOliveTree BibleReader

OliveTree is the leader in Bible study software for mobile devices (with plans to expand to desktop computers this winter). Their current BibleReader app in the Amazon store is not the latest version. After contacting OliveTree for details, they explained:

When we update our current Android Market version, we’re also planning on submitting our current build to the Amazon App Store.

So, there’s hope that we’ll get the latest, greatest version by the time the Kindle Fire ships next month.

The BibleReader app that is currently available in the Amazon App Store has a nifty “Test Drive Now” feature (may not work in all browsers). To get a better idea of what the upcoming version will be like, check out the features and screenshots of the Android Market version.

The BibleReader app comes with some free resources, like the KJV Bible, but you can download hundreds of additional free and premium resources (Bibles, dictionaries, commentaries).

UPDATE (November 28, 2011):  There is a known issue with the BibleReader app on Kindle Fire tablets where you can’t access OliveTree resources that you previously purchased. OliveTree is aware of the issue and will be releasing an update to correct it. In the meantime, you can access your previously purchased resources on your Kindle Fire using the workaround described here.

UPDATE (January 15, 2012):  There is now a Quick Start Guide for using BibleReader on Kindle Fire.

One of the coolest Bible apps available is the app, which provides access to scores of audio Bibles in various versions and languages. Some versions are even dramatized. You can also read along with the on-screen text and even watch the JESUS film in numerous languages. All of this is provided for free! Learn more about these and other features here.


I’m adding Logos to this list – although it is not currently available in the Amazon App Store – because Logos is a leader in the Bible study software industry. Logos does have, however, an Android app currently available in the Android Market.

I contacted Logos specifically about the forthcoming Kindle Fire, and it sounds as though they plan to release an app to the Amazon App Store in due time. In the meantime, you can learn more about the Logos app here.

UPDATE 11/4/2011:  The Logos Bible study app is now available in the Amazon app store.


YouVersion is an enormously popular online, social Bible study site with apps for a variety of mobile platforms, including the Amazon App Store. There is a “Test Drive Now” button if you want to take it for a spin while you’re waiting for your Kindle Fire tablet to arrive. To learn more about the specific features of the YouVersion Android app, click here.

Daily Bible AppDaily Bible

Daily Bible is a simple but useful study app, which includes a unique feature – a series of devotional audio podcasts from popular pastors and speakers, such as Chuck Swindoll, Ravi Zacharlas, and Greg Laurie. There are several screenshots and a “Test Drive Now” option.

ESV Bible AppESV Bible

The ESV Bible is another simple app that is also worth checking out. It won’t have as many bells and whistles as some of the apps above, but it might be just right for some folks.

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12 Responses to “Amazon Kindle Fire: Bible Apps”

  1. harold blaine November 1, 2011

    can e-sword be used on kindle fire? thank you

  2. Hi, Harold. I wish e-Sword had companion apps for Android devices (such as Kindle Fire) and iOS devices (such as iPad), but, unfortunately, those options don’t exist right now. You can join me in requesting a mobile app by submitting a feature request to the developer here:

  3. Howdy,
    Alas, I have not found the ESV Bible to be all that great with regard to mobile devices; however; the print version of the ESV Study Bible coupled with the Desktop online resources that come with it are great.
    So far, the Olive Tree NASB with Strongs Dictionary is still the way to go.

  4. Hi Harold,
    try And Bible. It uses the open-source JSword engine from CrossWire and has many free Bible versions, biblical dictionary, commentaries, and a selection of classic Christian texts. Apple iTunes version is called Pocket Sword. In many ways resembles E-sword:

  5. Kenneth Dick January 13, 2012

    ESword for Kindle Fire. Now, future, never???

  6. Hi, Kenneth! Unfortunately, e-Sword is not currently available for any mobile platforms. It would be nice to see some companion e-Sword apps for iOS and Android (Kindle Fire). I would recommend adding your voice to the chorus by submitting a feature request to the e-Sword developer here:

  7. Frank Long January 19, 2012

    how fast can one go from one book to another book and verse using the kindle???

  8. Hi, Frank! It really depends on the Bible app that you are using (i.e., how the Bible app implements navigation). Generally speaking, it’s fairly quick and easy to navigate to other books and verses in these Bible apps.

  9. Forget e-sword, give me mobile versions of theWord. It has many more modules than e-sword. Either way, I’d love to see a quality Bible program be ported to both android and ipad. Logos is all but useless for rapid Bible study and way too expensive for more people to use. PC Study Bible is a littler better, but only a little. It’s sad really, Bible software (commercial) has gone from easier to use (think QuickVErse 3.0 in the 90s) to harder to use, while the free Bible software has gotten easier and easier and better and better :)

  10. Hi, Tom! I like the free programs as well. :) I haven’t heard that theWord is planning mobile apps. My assumption is that availability (or lack thereof) of time and development resources may be an issue for free programs, like theWord and e-Sword, when it comes to developing mobile counterparts. If you hear anything promising, drop us a line.

  11. Hi everyone. Just an FYI, e-sword is now available for ipads. See the link to download. If you like your kindle fire and want e-sword for it, Please leave a message on their contact page letting them know that you want it on the new Kindle fire. That would be so great if they could do this for all kindle fans.

  12. The following is fun free Kindle Bible app for kids — it has some fun features such as videos and trivia and wordsearch games within the Bible, along with Bible character profiles and questions and answers. It is called the Superbook Kids Bible, Video & Games app and is available for free (and has no advertising in the app) from

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