e-Sword v10.0.3


Looks like we’re nearing the official release of e-Sword version 10. You can now download v10.0.3, the latest release candidate. In addition to bug fixes, v10.0.3 also lets you include right-to-left Bibles, such as Hebrew texts, in the Parallel Bible tab.


There is an ongoing forum thread on the new version of e-Sword at BibleSupport.com, where you can report issues, submit feature requests, and ask for help.

UPDATE:  There is a known issue in release candidate 10.0.3 where some third-party modules may not display any text. Without being too technical, this occurred when a common programmatic control was updated in e-Sword, and the newer code didn’t recognize some extraneous information in these third-party modules. This issue will be corrected in the next update, which should be available very soon. Stay tuned!

UPDATE:  The issue described above where text would not display from some third-party modules has been corrected in version 10.0.4.

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