Free Audio Bibles

ListenListening to an audio Bible is nothing new, but the Internet affords us a number of free choices to help us stay grounded in the truths of God’s Word.

Why use an audio Bible?

You might download an audio Bible to your portable MP3 player (iPod, Zune, etc) for travel or exercise.  You could stream an audio Bible through your computer to multitask while doing household chores.  Or reinforce your Bible study by involving your sense of hearing in the learning process.  This is especially beneficial for those who tend to learn best by hearing.

Here are a few resources:

Unless you want to synchronize an audio Bible onto a portable device, like an iPod, your best option is probably a streaming audio Bible.  There’s nothing to download or install, and you have more choices.  For example, simply navigate your Web browser to, which currently offers six English versions and four non-English versions of the Bible in an audio format.  Select your desired Bible translation, the range of chapters that you want to hear, and click the “Play audio” button (see image below). Audio Bibles

Due to copyrights, there aren’t as many free downloadable versions of the Bible in an audio format, but here are a few you can synchronize with your portable music devices for free:

There’s even a great little application that you can download to your computer for free that includes audio of the entire Bible in the King James Version (KJV) and the New International Version (NIV) as well as the actual text (so you can read along) and a nifty Bible search feature.  You can download the 2-in1 Audio & HTML Bible here (screenshot below).

Audio HTML Bible

There are innumerable translations available in an audio format for purchase (download or CDs).  If you are interested in finding a specific version not listed here, a quick Google search or Amazon search will provide you with thousands of offers.

Do you use an audio Bible?  Which one do you recommend?

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2 Responses to “Free Audio Bibles”

  1. Faith Comes By Hearing has the world’s largest catalog of audio Bibles and offers free Audio Bible downloads and streaming at their website. This ministry has the Bible in audio in nearly 400 languages.

  2. Hi, Jon! Thank you for mentioning the free audio Bibles offered by I like the dramatized ESV New Testament offered by I’ve downloaded it and imported it into iTunes, so I can sync it with my iPod. Love it! This is the first audio Bible download I mention in the blog post above. :)

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