e-Sword 12 Days of Christmas

e-SwordeStudySource.com offers many of the premium modules available for the popular e-Sword Bible study software program. Starting tomorrow (December 13, 2011), eStudySource is holding their first ever “12 Days of Christmas”. Each day, there will be a special offer to save on a particular e-Sword resource.

You can sign up for a free sStudySource email newsletter, which is typically published once per month, to receive daily notifications for the next 12 days regarding the special Christmas savings.

And, in case you weren’t aware, the official version 10 of e-Sword was recently released, which includes some great new features.

Day 1 (12/13/11):

Get the Berean Bible Study Library (NKJV, Believer’s Bible Commentary, and Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary OT & NT) for $29.97

Day 2 (12/14/11):

Get the NLT Bible Study Bundle (NLT, Life Application Study Bible Notes, and Hard Sayings of the Bible) for $29.97

Day 3 (12/15/11):

Get the Commentary Bundle (Bible Teacher’s Commentary, Bible Knowledge Commentary, and Wiersbe’s New Testament Commentary) for $49.97

Day 4 (12/16/11):

Get the Theology Bundle (Chafer’s Systematic Theology and Ryrie’s Basic Theology) for $34.98

Day 5 (12/17/11):

Get the Bible Bundle (HCSB, NRSV, The Message, and The Complete Jewish Bible) for $38.99

Day 6 (12/18/11):

Save $5 on the Jewish New Testament Commentary. Use coupon code JNTC at checkout.

Day 7 (12/19/11):

Save 25% on any e-Sword Bible. Use coupon code DEAL7 at checkout.

Day 8 (12/20/11):

Save 25% on any e-Sword commentary. Use coupon code DEAL8 at checkout.

Day 9 (12/21/11):

Save 25% on any e-Sword background studies. Use coupon code DEAL9 at checkout.

Day 10 (12/22/11):

Save 25% on e-Sword dictionaries and devotions. Use coupon code DEAL10 at checkout.

Day 11 (12/23/11):

Save 25% on e-Sword bestsellers. Use coupon code DEAL11 at checkout.

Day 12 (12/24/11):

Save 25% on all e-Sword resources. Use coupon code DEAL12 at checkout.

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