BibleReader for Mac and PC

OliveTree, already a top-tier Bible study software company in the realm of mobile devices, announced last summer that they would be making their maiden voyage into the world of desktop PCs and Macs.

As promised, BibleReader for Mac became available in the fall, and BibleReader for PC is available in a beta format at the time of this writing. Oh, and all versions of BibleReader are free!

UPDATE (January 20, 2012): BibleReader for PC has completed its beta testing phase and has been officially released.

OliveTree BibleReader for Windows PC

Features include:

  • Resource Guide that instantly searches your entire library for content related to the current Bible passage and displays it in the right navigation pane, including related Bible passages, commentaries, information on the people mentioned, additional content related to the topic(s) addressed in the passage, sermons, maps, and your own notes
  • Sync your resources and data across all platforms (Mac, PC, iOS, Android, etc) as well as with your free OliveTree cloud service account
  • Greek and Hebrew original language resources
  • Simply click on footnote identifiers or words that are coded to Strong’s reference numbers to view notes, cross-references, definitions, and search options in a pop-up window
  • Take notes, add highlights, bookmark passages
  • Search feature that finds “verses, topics, people and places faster than you could ever imagine” (You can even search for Greek and Hebrew words!)
  • Open books, the Resource Guide, the note-taking panel, etc in separate windows – very handy!

OliveTree offers many Bible study resources (Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, maps, etc) for free, and there are hundreds of premium resources available as well to help you build your library. Both free and premium resources can also be browsed and downloaded from within the application itself.

You can download BibleReader for Mac here and Windows PC here. (BibleReader for PC officially supports Windows 7 and may work on Windows Vista and XP as well.) There are quick start guides (with videos) for both Mac and PC, and you can sign up for free webinars for all platforms here.

It will be interesting to see if OliveTree’s foray into desktop Bible study software is a successful one, since they will be competing with established tech giants Logos and Accordance (among others). But considering that BibleReader for Mac and PC is as feature-rich as it already is in its infancy, something tells me it’s a challenge OliveTree is well-equipped to meet.

Have you tried BibleReader for Mac or PC? What do you think?

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