Free Logos Book: Revelation and Inspiration

Benjamin B. Warfield: Revelation and InspirationThe free ebook offered by Logos for the month of February 2012 is The Works of Benjamin B. Warfield, Volume 1: Revelation and Inspiration, which includes the following articles:

  • The Biblical Idea of Revelation
  • The Idea of Revelation and Theories of Revelation
  • The Inspiration of the Bible
  • The Biblical Idea of Inspiration
  • “Scripture,” “The Scriptures,” in the New Testament
  • The Real Problem of Inspiration
  • “God-Inspired Scripture”
  • “It Says:” “Scripture Says:” “God Says”
  • “The Oracles of God”
  • Inspiration and Criticism
  • The Divine Origin of the Bible
  • The Canon of the New Testament

And you can read your free ebook in any of Logos’ free applications:

Other Formats

Warfield’s articles listed above can also be found in a free PDF, and a lengthy collection of Warfield’s works can be read online. A few of Warfield’s publications are even available in audio format (includes The Inspiration of the Bible listed above) — also free.

And, although all the articles above have not yet been converted to e-Sword or theWord format, a few of those listed above – plus many others by Warfield – are freely available in these formats:

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