Pinwheel: Make & share notes on the world map

PinwheelHere’s an interesting resource that has some intriguing Bible study possibilities. Pinwheel, the latest project by Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake, allows you to tag notes to locations on the world map. It’s free.

Simple Concept

Your notes can be public or private. If you wish, you can share your private notes with select individuals or groups.

If you make notes public or share them with a group of friends, other Pinwheel users who have permission to view your notes will be able to post comments on them (kind of like a Facebook post), or they can leave notes of their own in the same location.

You can also collect notes into sets (for example, locations from Paul’s first missionary journey).

You can follow people, places, or note sets, and you’ll even be able to get notifications when those persons, places, or note sets are updated.

Example of a Pinwheel note


Here are some ideas for making use of this resource for Bible study:

  • Post information and hyperlinks to other resources on historic sites found in the Bible.
  • Keep a running list of Scripture references related to a specific location.
  • Describe events that occurred in the past or will occur in the future on that spot.

Use these notes for personal study or make them publicly available for the edification of others.

How might you use these notes in a group Bible study?  Perhaps:

  • Encourage your Bible study group to read – or comment on – notes that you created for locations found in the Bible passage you’re currently studying.
  • Give each of your group members a specific verse or passage, and have them post a note on the relevant location(s), describing what they learned from the Bible text – and share them with the group.
  • Send your group on a “scavenger” hunt by leaving them clues (tagged notes) in various locations.

Have fun learning!

How to Join

Pinwheel is in a private beta at the time of this writing. If you want to join the beta group and be among the first through the door, you can request an invitation on the Pinwheel home page.

An iOS app is also on the way. You can follow Pinwheel on Twitter for the latest news and updates.

Do you plan to give Pinwheel a try? How might you use it for personal or group Bible study? Share your ideas in the comments below. We’re interested!

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