Creation Minute Videos

Creation Minute Videos
Creation Minute is a series of one-minute, well-produced videos, hosted by Eric Hovind of Creation Today (God Quest Ministries), that explores various topics related to the Biblical worldview of creation as described in Genesis.

Each video uses excellent visual effects and 60 seconds of energetic, straight-to-the-point narration by Hovind to make solid points. Here’s an example:


At the time of this writing, there are eight videos:

The Creation Minute Facebook page promises that Episode 9 is on the way, and I hope this ministry continues into the foreseeable future.

These snazzy videos are attention-grabbing and, at one minute apiece, would be great introductions to topics you may be about to cover in a Bible study class, home school or private school setting, etc. You could use them in the announcement loop that many churches now play on their projection screens before services. Embed them in a church or ministry web site. And I’m sure you can think of many other creative uses in addition to these.

In addition to the Creation Minute website, the videos can also be found on the Creation Today YouTube channel and Blip channel. There’s also a free iOS app that includes the first three episodes and a paid version ($1.99) that includes all episodes.

If creation science peaks your interest, you may also want to check out the Creation Today website and store for additional resources.

The videos are produced by Sevenfold Films, who also happen to have some other intriguing projects in the pipeline. (Check out their awesome Bible Time Machine demo – the fascinating concept of an interactive version of the Bible.)

What do you think of the Creation Minute videos?  How might you use them?

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