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Dr Tony GarlandOkay, it’s official. Dr. Tony (Anthony) Garland is my most favorite Bible teacher in the whole wide world.

I’ve only recently begun availing myself of the excellent Bible study resources at, to which Dr. Garland is a primary contributor. provides, among other things, online Bible study courses, books, articles, and commentary in written and audio format – all for free!

A Testimony of Jesus Christ (Revelation Commentary)Dr. Garland is probably best known for his essential commentary on the book of Revelation, which I, and many others, would consider to be the best commentary available on Revelation (includes 70+ hours of audio!). However, Dr. Garland also has several other noteworthy commentaries.

He approaches Scripture from a conservative, evangelical, literal, futuristic perspective. His commentaries are extraordinarily detailed with extensive cross-references, word studies, historical context, and practical applications.


Generally, each commentary is available in an audio format with notes available in both Web and PDF formats. Below are links to these commentaries.

In a few cases, other formats are also available (e-Sword, theWord, Logos, etc). You’ll find these additional formats in the next section.

Bible Books:

Bible Passages:


Additional Formats





Online (Interactive):

Printed Books:

Other Resources also hosts a useful Q&A section, constructed from questions submitted by readers. (I asked Dr. Garland a question about a resource he recommended, to which he replied with a multi-page email, complete with endnotes! My question and Dr. Garland’s answer can be found here.)

There are also several other contributors to, providing even more teaching material for your edification and spiritual growth.

Keep up-to-date with the latest materials by subscribing to the email newsletter, RSS news feed, audio podcast, or iTunes podcast – all of which are free.

Jump in with both feet! You won’t regret it.

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