Free iPhone Bible Study Software

“The world’s most popular Bible software is now available in the palm of your hand — on the iPhone.”

Surprisingly, this powerful application for your iPhone or iPod Touch is available for free!

You have access to over 30 Bible translations, including NASB, ESV, KJV, NKJV, and NIV.  And that’s just the beginning.Logos iPhone Word Study

If you register for a free account at, you will gain access to more than 30 additional study tools, including devotionals, commentaries, and Greek / Hebrew dictionaries.

Using “tap-and-hold”, you can view the original Greek or Hebrew behind a Bible word.  Then use the word study feature to see a report that reveals the word in its original language, its definition, pronunciation, translations, and examples of how it is used.  Word studies will greatly enhance your understanding of Scripture.

You can compare a verse in multiple Bible translations, which can be very helpful when attempting to understand a passage.  Built-in cross-references allow you to view related verses without leaving your selected text, or you can follow a cross-reference to read it in context.  There is a powerful search feature to help you find relevant passages.  There are even Bible reading programs that will keep track of your progress.Cross Reference

If you own the new Logos 4 software for your desktop or laptop computer, you can extend the functionality of the Logos iPhone / iPod Touch software even further by accessing many of the Logos resources from your computer.  It will also synchronize your resources, bookmarks, and settings between your computer and your iPhone / iPod Touch.

When I set out to write this blog post, I had intended to overview three or four different iPhone / iPod Touch Bible study software applications, including Mantis Bible Study Software and Olive Tree BibleReader.  However, the Logos iPhone application provides so many features and access to so many resources for free that there doesn’t seem to be much comparison.

There is one drawback to the Logos iPhone / iPod Touch application.  According to the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

“The Logos Bible Software app does not store any Bibles or books on your device.  You will need to be connected to the internet via your cell phone service provider or Wi-Fi.”

[UPDATE: As of January 8, 2010, the Logos Bible study app for iPhone / iPod Touch (version 1.2.2) now works offlineHere’s how.]

In many environments, this isn’t a problem.  However, you may find yourself in locations where you do not have an internet connection, and your Logos application will be unusable.

With the ever-growing abundance of Wi-Fi hotspots, such as coffee shops, cafes, fast food restaurants, hotels, and many businesses, you can often find an internet connection when you are out and about.  Some airports are offering free internet connections, at least temporarily (which is likely to become a trend in the near future).  Even more exciting, some airlines are now offering internet service during flights, in some cases for free (see Southwest / Alaska, Virgin America, Delta).  What a great opportunity to spend your hours in flight studying the Bible!

There are other iPhone / iPod Touch Bible study applications, such as Mantis and Olive Tree, that do not require an internet connection to operate.  However, you will only get a skeleton application for free that requires payment for additional resources.  (For example, Mantis comes with the King James Version of the Bible for free, but you must purchase additional versions if you wish to use another translation.)

On the plus side, Logos has only just released the first version of their iPhone / iPod Touch application this month (November 2009).  You can expect more and more resources to be made available in coming days as they secure rights to them and convert the titles for use with portable devices, and future updates to the application are sure to introduce even more features.  (There have been hints that they hope to move more of the content to the mobile device with future updates, so that Bible study can continue even without an internet connection.)

Anyone who uses an iPhone or iPod Touch should give the free Logos application a try.

Do you use a mobile device (like iPhone) for Bible study?  Which applications are your favorites?

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8 Responses to “Free iPhone Bible Study Software”

  1. Craig Rairdin November 14, 2009

    You left PocketBible for iPhone out of the list of free iPhone software you didn’t review. It comes with 39 Bibles and Bible reference books — apparently more than Logos. And it downloads them to your device, which is essential for reading on airplanes, trains, and even in most churches (which don’t have WiFi).

  2. Hi, Craig! Thank you for bringing PocketBible by Laridian to our attention. I actually did consider this app when I was crafting this blog article. :) However, I was having problems with the Laridian website at the time, and I wasn’t able to collect specific information on the PocketBible app and its resources.

    No such difficulties with the Laridian website today. :) Here is some pertinent information on the PocketBible application for iPhone and iPod Touch.

    After initially downloading Bibles and other resources via an active internet connection, an internet connection is no longer needed to use the PocketBible application. This is good news.

    Laridian offers 31 Bible translations, but most of them must be purchased. The following Bible translations are free with the app:

    American Standard Version
    Darby’s New Translation
    King James Version
    Webster’s Bible
    World English Bible
    Bible in Basic English
    Geneva NT
    Weymouth NT
    Young’s Literal Translation

    Laridian also offers dozens of commentaries, dictionaries, devotionals, and other books for PocketBible, but, again, only a few of these are available for free. The others must be purchased. Surprisingly, resources that are commonly available for free with many other Bible study applications, such as Robertson’s Word Pictures in the New Testament (which I highly recommend), must be purchased for PocketBible.

  3. The Washington Times posted a great technology article on November 16, 2009 regarding the new Logos 4 Bible study software (with references to the free iPhone app): “Library in your pocket”

    They describe it as “revolutionary both in concept and execution”. This “revolutionary” description is based on:

    “…the idea now is that a user can have mirror images of their digital libraries on computers at work and home, as well as a rather huge representation of titles on their iPhone, and everything works together, right down to keeping your ‘place’ in a dozen (or more) books from where you were at work to your den to your mobile phone.”

  4. See The Apple Blog review of the Logos Bible app for iPhone / iPod Touch for additional information on this powerful application.

  5. Craig Rairdin January 2, 2010

    Sorry for the delay in replying.

    Robertson’s Word Pictures in the New Testament is under copyright. As I recall there is one volume of the six that somehow escaped that protection and is sometimes distributed for free. We have all six volumes, which you shouldn’t be able to find free elsewhere.

    In general our a la carte prices for add-on books and Bibles are below what you’d pay elsewhere. The app itself is free, too, and is not crippled and does not require a continuous internet connection, which renders some other popular iPhone Bible apps useless to many users.

  6. Update: The free (and excellent) Logos Bible study app for iPhone / iPod Touch now works offline! You’ll need an Internet connection initially, but you can download the resources to your mobile device to use offline. Here’s how.

  7. Here’s a useful video tutorial of the Logos Bible study app for iPhone / iPod Touch.

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