KJV TVM e-Sword Module

BobbyV at e-Sword-Users.org has posted a new Bible module for the free e-Sword Bible study software: KJV + TVM Bible & Dictionary

This module includes:

  • King James Version (KJV) of the Bible
  • Strong’s Hebrew and Greek references for each word (definitions)
  • Tense, Voice, and Mood (TVM) notations for each verb
  • Tense, Voice, and Mood (TVM) dictionary for understanding TVM designations

KJV TVM Bible and Dictionary for e-Sword

If you are unfamilar with tense, voice, and mood (TVM) of verbs and the relevance of these grammatical notations to effective Bible study, be sure to review my earlier blog post on this topic.

The King James Version (KJV) of the Bible may or may not be your favorite English translation.  However, it is a good word-for-word, literal translation, and this particular e-Sword module is an excellent resource to keep in your Bible study tool chest.

Strong’s Hebrew and Greek references comprise an important catalog (concordance) of every word in the Bible tied back to their original languages.  Strong’s references make it easy to locate and define words, and many other Bible study tools are keyed to Strong’s numbering system (such as some of the dictionary modules for e-Sword).

This particular Bible module for e-Sword also includes TVM notations for verbs, making it a highly prized study resource.  Not only can you locate the TVM designations for a verb (for example: Present Tense, Active Voice, Indicative Mood), but the TVM dictionary included with this module will also define them for you if you are unsure what they mean.

Locating TVM for verbs with this e-Sword module is very easy:

  1. Click the green number that appears in brackets after the verb you are studying.
  2. Then look to the TVM Dictionary panel to see the relevant designations.
  3. If you are unsure what a designation means, such as Tense-Present, right-click the green number in brackets that follows the designation, and select Lookup.  This will provide you with a definition for the grammatical notation.

In the following video screencast, I demonstrate how to locate and define TVM for a New Testament (Greek) verb using the KJV + TVM Bible & Dictionary module for e-Sword:

The KJV + TVM Bible & Dictionary module is free, and I have added it to my list of recommended resources for e-Sword.

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7 Responses to “KJV TVM e-Sword Module”

  1. hi, i just stumbled upon your blog looking for e-sword modules, i tried cliking on your link to e-sword-users.org but it says access denied..forbidden 404.. is there any way i can access it?

  2. Hi, Colin. Unfortunately, the e-sword-users.org community web site has gone down. I’m not sure why. I think they plan to bring it back online, but I do not know when.

    If you are trying to download the KJV TVM module, you can download it here.

  3. fred johnson August 13, 2015

    who has a tense voice and mood bible study that i can download to my apple air ipad?

  4. fred johnson October 17, 2015

    where and how can i download tvm + kjv bible and dictionary for my apple air ipad? thanks

  5. fred johnson October 17, 2015

    tell me how to download the tvm + kjv bible and dictionary to my ipad please! thanks

  6. fred johnson October 23, 2015

    how can i download the kjv bible tvm to my ipad?

  1. […] the word or phrase that they support, which is different from other notations in e-Sword, such as Strong’s reference numbers and TVM notations, which appear after the word or phrase.  You hover your mouse over these notations in e-Sword to […]

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