Touch Bible for iPhone

Touch Bible is an excellent Bible study app for iPhone / iPod Touch.  There are five versions of Touch Bible available:

Touch Bible Free Free
Touch Bible Loaded $3.99
Touch Bible KJV Free
Touch Bible KJV + Strong’s $0.99
Touch Bible LE International Free

I’m impressed with this simple yet effective app.  Considering that the most feature-rich version, Touch Bible Loaded, is only $3.99, it is the one I recommend.  Here’s why:

  • It includes five good Bible translations:
    • KJV – King James Version
    • NET Bible – New English Translation
    • WEB – World English Bible (public domain translation that is very similar to the NASB, New American Standard Bible)
    • ASV – American Standard Version
    • YLT – Young’s Literal Translation
  • More than 60,000 notes for the NET Bible.  These are not so much commentary as they are translators’ notes that help you to understand nuances of the original words and phrases.
  • Strong’s Hebrew and Greek definitions are included with the KJV, so you can easily see what each English word is in its original language as well as a brief definition.
  • View two translations simultaneously.
  • Searching and bookmarking features.
  • Note-taking feature.
  • Study Wiki reference tool for additional information on people and places.
  • Email notes to yourself or others from within the application.
  • An internet connection is not required to run the application (except for the email feature, of course).

I like the clean and easy-to-use interface of this particular Bible application.  There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles — just essentials.

There are other iPhone / iPod Touch Bible apps, some of which I reviewed here.  While Touch Bible doesn’t include as many dictionary and commentary resources as the apps I previously described, the tools that it does include are useful for effective Bible study on-the-go, which is typically when you would be using an iPhone app anyway.  There are other, more powerful applications for effective Bible study on your desktop / laptop computer, such as e-Sword.

Because of the cost involved with some iPhone Bible study apps and the need for an internet connection with other free Bible study apps (see this blog post where I explained this trade-off), my current recommendation, based on balancing cost and access requirements, is to install both Touch Bible Loaded and Logos for iPhone / iPod Touch.  Here’s why:

  • Touch Bible Loaded provides essential Bible study resources anywhere, anytime at minimal cost ($3.99).  No internet connection is required.
  • Logos provides dozens of Bible translations, dictionaries, commentaries, and other features absolutely free, but an internet connection is required (at this time).  [See Update in Comments section below.]

By installing both apps, you gain the best of both worlds, so to speak, for only a few dollars.

There is a brief video demonstration of Touch Bible here, but it is a bit difficult to follow.  If you would like to experience Touch Bible in action before spending $3.99 to purchase the Loaded version, you can install the free Touch Bible version, and then upgrade later.  (The free version does not include Strong’s Hebrew and Greek definitions, nor does it allow you to view two Bible translations at the same time.  It includes only a limited number of the NET Bible translators’ notes.)

Have you tried Touch Bible for iPhone / iPod Touch?  What is your opinion of this Bible app?

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  1. Update: The free (and excellent) Logos Bible study app for iPhone / iPod Touch now works offline! You’ll need an Internet connection initially, but you can download the resources to your mobile device to use offline. Here’s how.

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