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I’ve run across a unique cross-referencing service at

As described by the developer:

“The lack of an open, high-quality source of Bible cross references on the web has always bewildered me. This project is an attempt to remedy that deficiency.”

Visit Bible Cross References. Plug in a Bible verse, and click the “Find cross references” button. Easy enough.

You will be presented with a red box containing the text of the verse upon which you searched followed by a series of pink boxes, each with the text of a different cross reference.
Bible Cross References |
The data for this cross reference lookup service is a combination of The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge (TSK), a valuable Bible study tool, blended with data from the Topical Bible and Twitter Bible Search, both of which are additional online services provided by

While I’m not so sure that data from social media is the most reliable means for finding accurate cross references, the foundational data from the TSK is certainly useful. Besides the ingenuity of using social media data in cross reference lookups, the developer has added a voting system that allows users to enhance the relevance of results over time. I find this feature very intriguing. Even the TSK serves up some references that aren’t always useful. The yes / no voting buttons in the search results will allow the most relevant cross references to rise to the top while also pushing the least relevant to the bottom of the search results. This is a wonderful idea and could prove to be very worthwhile, especially if it is adopted by a community of serious-minded Bible students.

At present, there is no feature to suggest additional references for a particular verse, but this may be added in the future.

All in all, here are the things I like about the cross-referencing service at

  • It is simple and easy to use.
  • It is based on the TSK, which is a reliable cross-referencing tool.
  • The full text of all cross references is displayed on-screen simultaneously, which eliminates unnecessary clicking.
  • The yes / no voting buttons will allow the most relevant references to rise to the top over time.
  • The results also print cleanly from your Web browser, displaying the full text of all the cross references, as seen in this example of John 15:7.

Give it a try, and let us know what you think. Are there other online cross-referencing tools that you recommend?

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  1. has posted an intriguing visual analysis of 340,000 Bible Cross References. It’s interesting to see the trends.

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