Create Crossword Puzzles for Bible Study

Eclipse CrosswordOkay, so Eclipse Crossword isn’t the most earth-shattering tool for Bible study, but it is fun.  And fun can solidify any learning experience.

Eclipse Crossword is a free software that you can use to generate your own crossword puzzles, like the one below that I created from Ezra chapters 1-6.  Try it out!  Select any square in the puzzle grid to get started.

(Note that you don’t have to include the Scripture references in the clues as I did in the puzzle above.)

Eclipse Crossword makes creating puzzles easy, and, since you can print or publish in several formats, your crosswords can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Bible study aid for homeschool or Sunday school
  • Newsletters
  • Church bulletin
  • Blogs and other websites

You can print hard copies of your puzzles, of course, but when you publish a crossword puzzle as a web page, it becomes interactive (like the example above), which is really slick.  You might publish a new crossword puzzle to your church website each week to see if attendees remember the pastor’s message from the previous Sunday.  Hmmm…

If you are familiar with HTML coding, you can even modify the look and functionality of the published puzzle.  For example, you might remove the Cheat button.  (It’s actually called the Solve button, but I changed the button text to make the functionality self-evident.)

Eclipse Crossword has a nice Help section in the desktop application and also on their website, and they even offer email support if you get stuck.  Did I mention that it’s free?

What other ways might you use crossword puzzles to support Bible study?  Share your ideas in the comments below.

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