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Amazon Kindle Fire: Bible Apps

New Tablet on the Block Amazon shook the mobile computing world last week with the announcement of their new line of handheld devices, including the brand new Kindle Fire, the company’s first tablet computer and, perhaps, the first real competitor […]

Read More App Adds JESUS Film, the excellent audio Bible app for iOS and Android — which, by the way, is free — continues to get even better. A new update for the app now incorporates a video component by adding the JESUS Film in […]

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iPad for Bible Study: Audio / Video Apps

The new year is upon us, and you’ve got a shiny new iPad.  Now what?  Well, when it comes to Bible study, the iPad is a wonderful sidekick.  For the best Bible study apps currently available, check out the list […]

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Hear & Read the Bible for Free at

Within days of learning that The Word of Promise Audio Bible can now be heard online for free, we find that the website has also been redesigned to allow simultaneous listening and reading of Scripture for free. Here is […]

Read More App | Listen & Read is a great application that allows you to listen to the Bible and simultaneously read along from your mobile phone — for free. Perhaps the best part is the variety of Bible versions from which to choose, including scores […]

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