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Creation Minute Videos

Creation Minute is a series of one-minute, well-produced videos, hosted by Eric Hovind of Creation Today (God Quest Ministries), that explores various topics related to the Biblical worldview of creation as described in Genesis. Each video uses excellent visual effects […]

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Logos iOS App Updated: Notes & Highlights

Logos updated their Bible study software last week, including their iPad / iPhone app, which now includes some great note-taking and highlighting features. Notes The ability to take notes in the Logos iOS app has been noticeably absent since it […]

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NIV Study Bible iOS App

Zondervan recently released their enormously popular NIV Study Bible as a universal iOS app, which means it is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices. At the time of this writing, the iOS app costs $24.99, but this may […]

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Fighter Verses 3.0

The Fighter Verses app for Bible memorization has just received a significant update. We previously explored Fighter Verses in our list of iPad apps for Bible memorization and games, but it is available for both iOS and Android devices. Note: […]

Read More App Adds JESUS Film, the excellent audio Bible app for iOS and Android — which, by the way, is free — continues to get even better. A new update for the app now incorporates a video component by adding the JESUS Film in […]

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Glo iOS Update: Atlas Lens

Glo Bible for iOS has been updated to include an Atlas lens, so you can “explore a zoomable map with locations linked to scripture, media and more”. This is great news for Glo users, because the Atlas lens, which is […]

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Precept Radio

Precept Ministries International now has a live call-in talk show!  The first episode of Precept Radio airs tonight (Monday, December 13, 2010) at 7 PM U.S. Eastern Time. Here’s the synopsis for episode 1, titled “Answering the call!“: For our […]

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Use iTunes to Manage Books

When I originally wrote about using iTunes for Bible study back in January, the world had not yet been impacted by the new Apple iPad or the subsequent ebook revolution.  However, with the release of the iPad came the exciting […]

Read More App | Listen & Read is a great application that allows you to listen to the Bible and simultaneously read along from your mobile phone — for free. Perhaps the best part is the variety of Bible versions from which to choose, including scores […]

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iTunes for Bible Study

Perhaps you’ve never given it much thought, but a simple, everyday tool like iTunes can be used for Bible study.  After all, iTunes is a personal library.  It started as a database for music, but it has progressed to the […]

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Touch Bible for iPhone

Touch Bible is an excellent Bible study app for iPhone / iPod Touch.  There are five versions of Touch Bible available: Touch Bible Free Free Touch Bible Loaded $3.99 Touch Bible KJV Free Touch Bible KJV + Strong’s $0.99 Touch […]

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Free iPhone Bible Study Software

“The world’s most popular Bible software is now available in the palm of your hand — on the iPhone.” — Surprisingly, this powerful application for your iPhone or iPod Touch is available for free! You have access to over 30 […]

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