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Jeremiah 5 | Faithfulness

“O Lord, do not Your eyes look for truth?”  Jer 5:3 That was how Jeremiah responded to God’s command to roam through the streets of Jerusalem and see if he could find even one man who did justice and sought […]

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Jeremiah 3-4 | Return to Me

Jeremiah’s message is hard.  God’s justice and holiness demand satisfaction against sin. Yet God is also merciful.  He is compassionate.  In fact, He says, “I desire mercy, and not sacrifice” (Mat 9:13 ESV quoting Hos 6:6 ESV). In the midst […]

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Jeremiah 3-4 | Harlotry

Harlotry.  It is an offensive word.  That is because the act of harlotry — physical and spiritual infidelity — is offensive. In Jeremiah chapters 3 and 4, God condemns the harlotry which His people, Israel, have committed.  In Ezekiel, a […]

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Jeremiah 2 | Emptiness

Do you feel empty?  Do you feel like everything is pointless?  It’s because you have turned away from God and walked after emptiness. The message of Jeremiah chapter 2 is that the people had forsaken God (Jer 2:13).  They had […]

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Jeremiah 1 | Jeremiah’s Call

I’m currently studying through the fascinating book of Jeremiah with Precepts For Life, a daily teaching program offered by Precept Ministries International.  I will post chapter notes along the way. Some people say that the ancient prophets, such as Jeremiah, […]

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